A literary analysis of kinos lack of material items

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Thema: Writing the Past Beyond Boundaries

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as a whole. The analysis concerns two well specified categories of EIA buildings, the so-called "rulers' dwell ings" and the "cull buildings" (see Definitions below). The focus is not on the architectural description and analysis but on the possible interaction between sacred and non-sacred.

The eleven exhibition items feature works from the fields of web documentary, games, apps, and ° films for visitors to try out. Through this, the course of a story can be individually customised with Virtual Reality glasses, tablets, or the visitor’s own smartphone.

Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context, and Enquiry volume 24 Spring 2010

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Wittgenstein in Finland: a bibliography 1928–2002

A Day In The Limelight.

A literary analysis of kinos lack of material items
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collected annotations to Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow